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About us

Reduced public-sector budgets, and increased pressure on resources means organisations are forced to be even more creative to try and engage with hard to reach groups such as substance users.

The team at substance produce creative and credible substance misuse resources, interventions and social marketing campaigns that reach these groups and resonate with the target audiences through implementing creative and effective social marketing techniques

Members of the substance team have over 25 year's experience of producing projects and information packages, in digital and print format, that improve health, reduce crime and bring about positive social change.


..."Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the final images/materials for our social marketing campaign.
. We have had some really positive feedback locally from partners... All have been well received but the family image seems to be a definite favourite".

Community Partnership Manager, Yorkshire


We were involved in the creation of early information and awareness initiatives, which helped reduce HIV infection among injecting drug users. During the height of the eighties' rave culture, we created information and resources to raise awareness of the health implications around ecstasy use.

Most recently we have completed projects on reducing alcohol- induced hospital admissions, writing and building an alcohol information site for drinkers in Derby, resources for young adults who use Mephedrone and information campaign around people who inject performance enhancing drugs.

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What we offer you

Our experienced creative and social marketing team have collaborated on campaigns for PCTs, DAATs, public sector organisations and charities, and have become experts at squeezing every last drop of creativity out of tight budgets and deadlines.

They provide insight and develop campaign strategies, by engaging and collaborating with service users, the general public and organisations that support them, to ensure a clear, credible and accurate message, encouraging behavioural change that benefits both them and their communities.

From scoping, research and development through to implementation, we can communicate with diverse and hard to reach groups, which can be resistant to the mainstream substance misuse, or health message.

What we stand for

We are committed to reducing the harm to substance users and people affected by substance use by:

  • Identifying non-use as an active choice in minimising harm.
  • Providing credible, non-judgemental, and accurate information on the consequences of substance use and how to minimise the risks.
  • Acknowledging that people use drugs and alcohol for different reasons and with differing outcomes, for both the individual and their communities.
  • Not endorsing or condemning drug and alcohol use or drug and alcohol users.

We endeavour to be ethically and socially responsible and ensure that we conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism.


..."Its a really good informative binge drinking publication, without 'preaching' "..

Alcohol Project manager, Merseyside


The Substance Shop

The substance shop contains a growing range of publications and resources on substance use, for both substance users and the services and organisations that support them.

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Contact us

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about us, or how we can help you, click here to contact us, or call us on 07532 214 432.