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Welcome to the Substance Shop

The Substance shop contains a growing range of credible and unique substance misuse and awareness resources for both substance users, and services and organisations that engage with them.

All the resource contain balanced and realistic information and advice, written by health professionals and reviewed by substance users, We regularly review all of our resources to ensure accuracy.. Read more about the Substance team here...

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Picture of BINGE - A Night on the Town
Binge drinking and alcohol awareness information.

£0.50 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Social Work. Drugs & Alcohol - A Practical Guide
Social work from a substance misuse perspective.

£15.00 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of ALcohol IBA booklet (How much is too much?)
Alcohol publication for use in a brief advice setting or drug and alcohol advice environment

£0.56 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Ketamine Aware
New ketamine awareness and education booklet for young people.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Festival Highs - Substance misuse information for festival-goers
Important new pyschoactive substance NPS (legal highs) advice & health and harm minimisation information for anyone attending summer music festivals.

£0.60 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Women & Alcohol
Women’s bodies react differently to alcohol than men’s. As a consequence, women face particular problems and health implications.

£0.50 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of MDMA. Powders & Pills
Recently, MDMA powder has become a more commonly used form of Ecstasy and has gained a reputation as ‘purer’ or ‘stronger’ than the traditional pill form.

£0.50 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mephedrone - Information For Human Consumption
This detailed 16 page guide will help anyone who is using, or thinking about using Mephedrone, make informed decisions.

£0.52 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of A&E Alcohol Intervention & Brief Advice Resource Pack
A new alcohol IBA resource pack, to be given to anyone attending an Accident & Emergency Department, where alcohol is a contributing factor.

£2.20 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mexxy
METHOXETAMINE - AKA: Mexxie, MXE, MKet - a drug that has similar effects to ketamine. It was produced as a legal alternative, until it was made illegal in February 2013.

£0.35 (GBP) excl VAT

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