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Picture of DRUGS - Staying Safe - Advice & information for young people
This substance misuse booklet for young people provides clear, non-judgemental information about some of the most commonly used legal and illegal substances.

£0.72 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of PEDs - Advice and information for people who use performance enhancing drugs.
Needle and syringe programmes have reported rapidly increasing numbers of steroid and performance enhancing drug (PED) users attending their services.

£1.12 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mexxy
METHOXETAMINE - AKA: Mexxie, MXE, MKet - a drug that has similar effects to ketamine. It was produced as a legal alternative, until it was made illegal in February 2013.

£0.35 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of A&E Alcohol Intervention & Brief Advice Resource Pack
A new alcohol IBA resource pack, to be given to anyone attending an Accident & Emergency Department, where alcohol is a contributing factor.

£2.20 (GBP) excl VAT