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Substance Misuse Advice, Consultancy, Research and Training



Alan has been involved in community and youth work for over 30 years and began specialising in the drugs field in 1984.

In 1985 he was involved in the establishment of the Mersey Regional Drug Training & Information Centre, the first NHS facility in the UK to deal with the non-medical use of drugs and HIV prevention initiatives, such as the first needle exchange programme in the UK and outreach projects for drug injectors, crack users and sex workers.

He was the founding editor of The International Journal On Drug Policy.

In 1990 Alan began developing social marketing approaches to promote harm minimisation principles amongst recreational drug users in the burgeoning rave scene. Throughout the 1990s he conducted research into the lifestyles and behaviour of young people involved in dance culture.


Since 1991 Alan has worked as a researcher, trainer and consultant on issues concerned with youth culture and drugs and has developed training, policy and PSHE approaches in a variety of settings, from higher education to Early Years staff, to more informal community programmes.



Alan can provide consultancy services and training courses for your organisation.

You can contact Alan at:

M:  07850 154 031