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New Psychoactive Substances


Concern over so-called ‘Legal Highs’ reached fever pitch a few years ago as Mephedrone grabbed media attention with a flurry of sensational news stories dubbing it the latest “killer drug”.

But Mephedrone, a relative newcomer to the British drugs scene, was only the tip of the iceberg - underground chemists have hundreds of new compounds lined up for manufacture.

More recently, Spice has been in the spotlight as the new “zombie drug.”Who knows what will come next?

So, how can we keep abreast of new and emerging compounds, and what advice can we give to users? This one-day course will review the history of synthetic drugs, highlight developments in this growing phenomenon and consider harm reduction advice for users.

Learning objectives

  • To review the history and pharmacology of synthetic drugs

  • To enhance understanding of the effects and risks of synthetic drugs
  • To raise awareness of the needs of users of synthetic drugs
  • To increase awareness of harm reduction interventions with users of synthetic drugs

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