Drug Use and young families


This one-day course provides a sound knowledge base on drug-related issues for those working with young families where drug use is may be a concern.

For many, drug use is an emotive issue where, all too often, workers feel they may lack specific knowledge and are unsure about how to respond.

This course covers: the patterns of drug use from the 1960s to the present; how drugs work and what different drugs do; understanding drug-related behaviour; risk and protective factors for dependence; as well as practice issues to raise awareness of potential for harm.

Learning objectives

  • To review the changing patterns and trends in drug use
  • To improve knowledge of the effects and risks of all psychoactive substances
  • To understand the relationship between drug, set and setting
  • To gain insight into drug using behaviour and parental responsibilities


  • AB2:
    Support individuals who are substance users
  • AB5:
    Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users
  • AC1:
    Reflect on and develop your practice
  • AD1:
    Raise awareness about substances, their use and effect

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