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This section of the Substance website contains a selection of client-commissioned digital and print-based public health campaigns. Have a browse and enjoy!

Our public health clients include health authorities, charities, local councils, schools and third sector organisations.


Public Health Wales Time to Move website

Commissioned by Public Health Wales
time to move public health campaign - image of website
The Time to Move website was created to promote the 'Time to Move' health and wellbeing initiative for Public Health Wales employees.

We love to show off about how knowledgeable we are, so we have sprinkled a few pearls of public health campaign wisdom between the portfolio sections on this page. We hope you find them useful.

PEARL OF WISDOM #1: What's The Behaviour You Want To Address?

What's the message - what behaviour do you want to encourage - or discourage? Do you want people to register for something, make a phone call, exercise more, consider their drug and alcohol use?

Stay focused on the core aims of the campiagn. Be precise and explain the benfits in a clear and concise way - don't waffle!


  • Define the core message and explain its benefits
  • Identify any barriers or obstacles to adopting the behaviour


be kind to teeth public health campaigns - image of posters

Gulp - Young Children's tooth decay social marketing campaign

Commissioned by gulp

A series of eye-catching posters which raise awareness of the tooth decay caused by giving young children 'baby juice'.

PEARL OF WISDOM #2: Who Is The Target Audience?

Identify your audience, understand their attitudes, feelings, beliefs, and what motivates them. A clear idea of who your audience is will help you speak in an authentic and credible voice.


  • Identify the people and communities your trying to communicate with
  • Understand what motivates their current behaviours and lifestyles.


Club Health Amsterdam 2019 - website and branding

Commissioned by Jellinek, Amsterdam
Club Health conference marketing site

A commission by the 11th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues to create branding and a marketing website for the Club Health Amsterdam 2019 conference.


PEARL OF WISDOM #3; Good Design Is Essential To Effective Communications

You have identified an issue that needs addressing, refined your message and you know the audience the message is aimed at. Next comes the design stage.

In a world where we are bombarded with increasingly sophisticated imagery,  many campaigns and resources fail to achieve their aims because of poorly executed graphics, design and components.

Your campaigns creative treatment should be tuned into your audience, it should rise above the visual noise, and be engaging.


  • Create graphics and visuals which reflect your audience's values and culture
  • Produce multi-channel designs and visuals


cannabis public health campaigns - image of poster

Cannabis awareness information fold-out A3 poster

Commissioned by Derby Young People's Substance Misuse Service
Fold-out A3 cannabis information poster, aimed at young people under the age of 19.

PEARL OF WISDOM #4: Evaluate Your Campaign

Hopefully, your campaign was a success and achieved all its aims - well, there is only one way to find out. Time to evaluate.

Evaluation is important, it will measure if all your effort was worthwhile, if your plan was implemented as intended, and if your goals were met.

We will:

  • Develop an evaluation strategy
  • Measure changes in behavior amongst the target audience

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Animation commissioned by Public Health Wales
Short animation commissioned by Public Health Wales to raise awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) as a public health issue.

Breathing space - public health resource

Commissioned by the Health Equalities Group (HEG)
Breathing Space social marketing resources

A social marketing campaign which aims to protect employees from secondhand smoke, and to promote local stop smoking services across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Staying Safe - Young people drug and alcohol harm reduction information booklet

Commissioned by Derby City Council Substance Misuse Services
A commission from Derby Substance Misuse Services to write design and print a drug and alcohol harm reduction booklet for young people in Derby

Derby alcohol social marketing campaign website

Derby alcohol reduction website

Commissioned by Derby Substance Misuse services
Alcohol health promotion website targeted at Derby residents.


Commissioned by Health Equalities Group

Health Equalities Group corporate website

Commissioned by Health Equalities Group

Design, build and hosting of a content-managed website for the Liverpool-based Health Equalities Group.

Food in Care content-managed website and resources

Commissioned by Food Active

Content-managed website. Designed and published as part of the ‘Food in Care’ social marketing campaign. An innovative programme to assist Children in Care (CiC) and their carers to lead healthier lives.

Derbyshire Community Banks Branding and website

Commissioned by Derbyshire Community Banks

Branding and website for the Fairer Money awareness campaign. It uses a social marketing approach to encourage Derbyshire residents to use Derbyshire Community Banks as an alternative to payday lenders.

Mephedrone Awareness booklet

Commissioned by Derby Substance Misuse Services

Mephedrone harm reduction booklet for young people in Derby

You can commission the Substance graphic design studio to design a bespoke resource or public health campaign for your organisation.

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